Original parts


PEUGEOT offers you spare parts perfectly suited to your vehicle. It is the most reliable, safe and cost-effective solution available for your maintenance and repair needs.


PEUGEOT Original Parts are designed to fully meet the technical requirements of your PEUGEOT. They are designed to fit into a complex technical system and allow you to drive with complete peace of mind.



A Standard Exchange part is a part that has been refurbished according to stringent reconditioning procedures. It is one of the used parts collected in the PEUGEOT network of approved repair shops. In addition to saving you money - between 30 and 40% compared to original parts - and being environmentally friendly, it also comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. The collection of used parts for reuse and optimal recycling actively contributes to PEUGEOT's car waste reduction commitments. The Standard Exchange scheme is governed by a legal framework requiring the registration of replaced parts.