Your summer and winter tyres benefit from Peugeot's three major assets : expert assesment, availability and competitiveness.

It is essential to drive with tyres in good working order: worn out tyres actually compromise road-handling capability, increase braking distance and create a risk of aquaplaning on wet roads. Always observe the limit of the tread wear indicators on your tyres.

Peugeot offers you a wide range of tyres: from all brands, at different prices and suited to the age of your car and your driving conditions.


Change and store your tyres depending on the season


Below 7°C, summer tyres no longer ensure enough grip: the rubber hardens and their performance worsens. They should be replaced by winter tyres.

Fitting a set of winter tyres is the most economical option in the long run.

As with summer tyres, they should be carefully stored so as to conserve their effectiveness when they are not being used.

PEUGEOT has introduced the Peugeot Tyre Hotel, offering you 2 options for storing your tyres:

  • for one season of your choice (6 month duration)
  • for an entire year (12 month duration)

We guarantee that your tyres will be cleaned, inspected for wear, and stored in the right temperature, moisture and light conditions, and we will tell you when you need to rotate your tyres.

To find out the availability, prices and conditions of the Tyre Hotel service, ask your participating Peugeot Sales Outlet.